Tauchschule Neptun

Tauchschule Neptun contact address edit

Postcode: 4810

Address: Traunsteinstraße 325, Gmunden, Österreich

Website: https://maps.google.com/?ci...


26.07.2016 Markus Zöchling - 5/5
In wenigen Minuten hatte ich die Ausrüstung beisammen und ab in den See.
26.06.2015 Ron Bruijn - 5/5
In 2005 I dived there with Klaus and Bernhard. I was on holiday in Ebensee and wanted to know how it was diving the Traunsee. Both Klaus and Bernhard where very friendly and take me out on the lake for diving. Now ten years later I post this message. Better late then never 😉
27.01.2017 Harald Buchner - 5/5