Electric Show

Electric Show contact address edit

Postcode: 1050

Address: Chaussée de Waterloo 512, Ixelles, Belgien

Telephone: +32 2 345 31 77

Website: http://www.electricshow.be/

Opening hours

09:30 – 12:30, 13:30 – 18:30
09:30 – 12:30, 13:30 – 18:30
09:30 – 12:30, 13:30 – 18:30
09:30 – 12:30, 13:30 – 18:30
09:30 – 12:30, 13:30 – 18:30
10:00 – 18:00


15.09.2017 Samantha Bailly - 4/5
Les livreurs du service apres vente sont en or et d'une grande gentillesse ! A féliciter!
11.08.2016 Pascal Meurisse - 5/5
Très bon service, très professionnel Prix très compétitifs, comme quoi il n'y pas que les grosses chaines qui détiennent le pouvoir des prix cassés Un service de proximité A conseiller
04.07.2016 IMMO JPL - 5/5
Super service suis passé chez eux bons conseils pas très rapide mais super éfficace
25.03.2015 Emmanuel Berger - 1/5
Malheureusement, les critiques émises il y a 2 ans sont toujours valables. Service exécrable. Délais de deux mois contre les 15 jours initialement prévus. Le vendeur ne prend jamais la peine de vous téléphoner pour vous avertir de l'allongement des délais. Magasin à éviter absolument
20.09.2015 Katherina White - 1/5
Do not buy anything from this shop! I bought a dryer there - I ordered one brand which was on discount (Wirlpool) and specifically highlighted that I am interested ONLY in that brand. The shop owner (a blond lady) assured me that she will order that brand and in the invoice she put some kind of code. I asked her to put the full name but she said that it is all the same. Since she was very nice (like a real witch - remember Cinderella and the witch with the apple!) I fell in the trap. I got completely different brand and when I went to argue that there was a mistake in the delivery she said that according to the invoice this was the brand I ordered and they never had discounts on Wirlpool (although she showed me leaflet with it when she was persuading me to buy!). Later, when there was a problem with the machine I called to claim the guarantee - I had to call her more than 10 times in the course of 1.5 months and she everytime was telling me that she called the company and I should hear from them tomorrow. When I finally asked her to give me the phone number to call myself it turned out that the lady never called them - I got a technician the next day! Do not buy anything from this shop!